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    HZGD-113 While She Was Not Traveling On A Two-day, Three-day Trip, The Married Woman is Ex-girlfriend And A Three-day Hame Were Irritated Ikenai Pure Love Record Atsushi Kosaka. There was a small, happy family when one day the wife's company organized a trip for 3 days. Because she was afraid that her husband would be at home and no one would take care of her, the wife asked her friend Kousaka Sari (because Kousaka Sari was married, that's why her friend trusted her husband with her) to come to the house to take care of her husband's meals. help for a few days. However, the wife did not expect that Kousaka Sari was her husband's college girlfriend. Kousaka and her husband still have feelings for each other but for some reasons they cannot be together. This is their opportunity to take advantage of 3 short days living together like a true couple.
     Movie Code: HZGD-113  
     Actor: Kousaka Sari