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    The story happened in a very ironic situation, because she was too sad to clean while her brother-in-law was inside, so reluctantly the sister-in-law could not suppress her need and "came out" right on the floor. . By the time the older brother opened the door, it was too late, only seeing a puddle of water and the younger brother's soaking underwear. Lustful blood also began to surface right after that and at the same time there was also a bit of drunkenness in his body because he had just drank alcohol with his younger brother so he couldn't control himself and went over the limit with his younger sister. He slowly groped into her private area to make her feel comfortable and stimulated because that would make it easier for him to fulfill his wishes. As expected, although the two were nominally brothers, during the moments when their passion was gradually taking over their minds, sex was the barrier that destroyed their relationship - an ambiguous relationship.