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    Tanaka and Ria are in love, because the company prohibits love, so they both have to hide their relationship. Ria's department head is an extremely rude person who specializes in sexually harassing women. This time she was assigned to go on a business trip with him and other colleagues. The two of them wanted her to take off her coat, wear a thin shirt, and show her big round breasts in front of her partner when receiving her partner. She had no other choice but to listen to them. Being constantly given alcohol, Ria quickly got drunk and fell asleep, not knowing anything else. Taking this opportunity, the colleague booked a hotel room, and the manager took her into a taxi and straight to bed. When she woke up, Ria found herself lying on the bed, her breasts and pussy exposed, and the manager was trying to suck her pussy! He also recorded this scene, threatening to spread it if she did not obey. Having no other choice, Ria had to listen to him. However, the pleasure he brings is something her boyfriend cannot give her. He used his skills and his big and long cock to make Ria reach orgasm over and over again. Her body gradually became more active, moans of pleasure came out spontaneously, her mind wanted to be fucked more by him! Even if he filmed the two of them fucking and sent it to her boyfriend, she still wanted to be fucked by him, wanted to give her whole body to him...